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Black Lives Matter & The Question of Violence | Gary Younge

 Rastafari Speaks Message Board Reasoning Forum


The Most Dangerous American Idea
No belief in the history of the United States has been more threatening to democracy than the certainty that only white people are fit for self-government. By Adam Serwer

Kendrick Lamar, Black Language and What White Fans Don't Get About the 'N-Word' By Stereo Williams

The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race
Archaeology is demolishing another sacred belief: that human history over the past million years has been a long tale of progress.
By Jared Diamond

The History of Dreadlocks
In this EBONY.com series exploring Black hair origins, we trace locs from the Ancient Egypt all the way to Jamrock.
By Princess Gabbara


What Black America Means to Europe
June 06, 2020 : Gary Younge
From the vantage point of a continent that both resents and covets American power, and is in no position to do anything about it, African-Americans represent to many Europeans a redemptive force: the living proof that the US is not all it claims to be and that it could be so much greater...

David Williams studies health disparities in America
February 21, 2018 : Delia O'Hara
The work of David Williams, PhD, illuminates the damage that discrimination does to individuals, how it hurts their health and prospects, and how it shortens lives.

Standing with Venezuela and Iran
April 11, 2019 : Vijay Prashad
The Donald Trump administration hasn’t given up its dream of regime change in Venezuela and Iran. They have vowed not to ease the sanctions that have literally killed thousands of people in both countries.

Robert Mugabe: An African Hero
September 07, 2019 : RaceAndHistory.com
Robert Mugabe died on September 06, 2019 at the age of 95. We at RaceAndHistory.com, and Trinicenter.com hail the contributions of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe towards African liberation in Zimbabwe, the African continent and the African diaspora.

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November 14, 2010

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Ex British Ambassador Makes Astonishing Speech About Tony Blair, George Bush, War and Profit


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African Books


Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect
by Reese Erlich

Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa: From Tragedy to Useful Imperial Fiction
by Robin Philpot

Zimbabwe Takes Back Its Land by Joseph Hanlon, Jeannette Manjengwa, Teresa Smart

Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities by Ian Scoones et al

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Diodorus Siculus The Library of History

Masseiana: Dedicated to Gerald Massey (1828-1907)
Containing his four major works: "A Book of the Beginnings", "The Natural Genesis", "Ancient Egypt, The Light of the World" and "The Lectures"

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